“Coronavirus (Covid-19) Important Information”


As the Coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions continues.  Sunter Limited are committed to ensuring the safety of all staff, contractors as well as customers and others involved in our undertakings.

Policies, Procedures and Risk Assessments that have been formulated and introduced to minimise any risk of the transference of the virus and to maintain as a priority, the safety of all involved.

These Policies, Procedures and Risk Assessments have been introduced on sites restarted and will be introduced when other works commence.

We are keeping a daily vigil on the information given by the Government and Public Health England and will amend all Polices, Procedures and Risk Assessments in line with updated guidance.

Our Policies, Procedures and Risk Assessments are available to view in the Policies Section accessible from the Policies Link shown to the left of this page or via the Home Page.

For more information on how Sunter Limited are managing the Coronavirus and how we are managing our employee/contractor and customer/public welfare and safety, please contact us at info@sunters.com


Added on 22/05/20 at 09:22