During the month of November some of the lads have sported ‘tashes’ in aid of the Movember Charity. Lee Sunter and Chris Wallace have dared to show their faces looking like this…… Well Done Lads, why not keep it up, you would look good on the beach with your new found facial hair and a pair of ‘budgie smugglers’……

Sporting a nice tash in the 'Keith Lemmon' style

Chris, looking an awful lot like 'Freddy Mercury'

Lee Sunter quoted ‘ I know what your all thinking, but NO you dont get a free bottle of Ginger Joe’s alcoholic ginger beer with this photo’
Chris Wallace quoted…… ‘i want to break free’….. and…..’we are the champions’, typical from a Freddy Mercury lookalike…..

Over the period of Movember the team has raised in excess of £600….

Well done Lads, you have done us proud……..

Added on 30/11/11 at 14:19